currently Studies of art at Villa Arson Nice
2015-2019 Studies of art at HfG-Offenbach
from 2017 Scolarship from the ‚Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes‘


2021 Groupshow „Tell Me I Belong“ at Misc Athens; curated by Shahin Zarinbal
2021 Groupshow „Aus heutiger Sicht. Diskurse über Zukunft“ at MAK Frankfurt
2021 Groupshow „Leasing Vol.1“ at Autohaus Autohaus; Kassel
2021 Groupshow „BBQ Confusion“ at Narcissio, invited by Aurore Party; Nice, France
2020 online exhibition „Hijacking“ in the context of „Experimentelle Raumkonzepte“ cura ted by Heiner Blum and Jakob Francisco
2019 Groupshow „Ghost Sensation“ at NEW NOW Artspace, Frankfurt; curated by Ventolin Artspace
2019 Groupshow „PITSTOPIT“ at Kunstverein Montez, Frankfurt; curated by the artists
2019 Groupshow „Hals über Kopf“ at Zollamt Galleries; Offenbach am Main
2018 Groupshow „Body/Tech“ at Museum Angewandte Kunst; Frankfurt am Main
2018 Groupshow „Blockadia Tiefsee“ at BOK Offenbach; Offenbach am Main
2016 Groupshow „Offenbacher Originale“ at Galerie 52; the showroom from Folkwang
University in Essen


2019 feature in the artistic magazine FLEISCH that is circuling around the body from a feminist and queer view