4. – 22. April Exhibition 100% Villette, Paris


The sculptures and installations of Suska Bastian articulate organic yet human-made registers of environments. She employs an experimental approach to investigating a wide range of materials which she often finds in her surroundings. Sounding out their potentialities, she conceives of matter and materiality as a way to connect across boundaries and divisions.
Her work allows the visualities of nature and technology to mix and conflate, emphasising fluidity and interconnectivity. The ornament plays an important role in that, as it presents itself as a structure that sets forth connections through repetition. She adopts the ornament’s logic of difference as a hint to the de-monopolisation of the production of meaning and value.
Bastian seeks to activate forms of making that call to attention a sense of intimacy with the natural world, speaking of a fundamental inseparability of the human sphere of technology and the organic sphere of nature. Her process of bio-technical hybridisation can thus be characterised as an attempt to unlock access points of empathy for the natural environment.





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